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Monday - Friday: 8:30 am - 8:30 pm
Saturday & Sunday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
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At Immediate Health Associates we sincerely care for our patients and the experience they have at our centers. We are truly grateful for anyone who takes the time to recognize our physicians, advanced practice providers and staff.

Here is what our patients are saying:

July 2019

"Professional and courteous from all at this office. Dr. Sestak has a great bedside manner, very knowledgeable, and efficient. I could not have asked for a better experience."

"Upon arrival I was greeted by a very friendly receptionist. After collecting my information, I sat down and was immediately called to the back by a nurse. She was very nice and escorted me to a room. She listened to my medical issue and took my vitals. The doctor came in just a few seconds after the nurse exited. The doctor fixed my wound and stitched me up. The nurse came in and cleaned up my wound and explained my after care. I was in and out extremely fast and was very impressed with the professionalism and friendliness of everyone I encountered. 5 stars!!!"

"Everyone was very nice. They addressed my issue and I was on my way in about an hour. If the need should ever arise again, I will definitely go back there. Much friendlier than Ohio Health Urgent Care."

"I always feel like I have been "taken care of" when I leave Wedgewood UC. The staff holds their titles as Health Care Professionals to the highest standard. Thank you."

"I have been sick for several weeks now dealing with some type of viral URI. My family Dr. had treated me but I continued have other issues and a very severe sore throat. My family Doc was out of town so I visited your facility. I was treated by Caroline Koperski the PA. I was very happy with the care she provided and I actually felt much better the very next day. I will use your facility again in the future if I need too. Thank you."

June 2019

"Took my son who had a sporting injury. Friendly staff. Dr Sestak has a wonderful bedside manner. Very knowledgeable , good communicator and caring. This is the second time I have been to this urgent care. Good service. Grateful there is this option instead of the emergency room."

"When my son cut his finger with an axe today, as a former EMT, I immediately knew he needed sutures. I debated where to go for a moment or two, but elected to stay right in town. Wow am I glad I did. Both Natalie, our nurse, and Dr. David Sestak were extremely personable while assessing and repairing my son's wound (3 sutures). It was clear each had significant experience in emergency medicine and knew what they were doing. While my son was not excited to visit the Urgent Care for obvious reasons, he and I were so impressed with the care he received, we thought it was important to recognize Natalie and Dr. Sestak. Thank you so much for your help today! We won't hesitate to visit Sunbury Urgent Care again."

May 2019

"I literally had the best experience here. Doctor Dave and the entire staff were nothing but extremely friendly, informative, and awesome. They made me feel 100 percent comfortable and I was pretty much in and out with no wait. I will definitely return here in the future. Thank you guys. I really appreciate it."

"Shout out to the staff working today, for seeing me so quickly, and taking great care of me!!!! Almost nothing more painful or miserable than an ear ache/infection. My ear canal, face and neck were swollen.......I was in SEVERE pain.
You saved me and I was able to finish working my day with A LOT less pain. Thank you just so very very much. So very happy I found you and that you were open on a Sunday......Mother's Day even. WE ARE ALL SO LUCKY TO HAVE YOU IN THIS COMMUNITY!!!"

April 2019

"I brought my son into the Urgent Care yesterday,after a fall off of the swings at school, with a wrist injury. I couldn't have been more pleased with how the visit went. Everyone was very nice, and knowledgeable. The best was that we were in and out, in less than hour."

February 2019

"Lovely staff!! Very quick, plesant and knowledgeable! Definitely better than going to a ER for the many things they treat. If you have any questions what they treat there's a list on the website and the costs are pretty reasonable especially without insurance. Thank you everyone at this urgent care for your great work!!"

November 2018

"I have been to Sunbury Urgent Care twice and my husband once. The staff is very friendly. I was seen almost immediately, and i was in and out in a half an hour and on a Saturday! If only going to my family doctor was as easy! They are conveniently located in Sunbury and open on weekends. Recommended them to friends the first time I went to their facility and on second visit even more pleased with my visit!"

August 2018

"Receptionist, Susan, excellent greeter and with a foot injury, offered to get my car for me at the end of my visit. Lisa, excellent bedside service, accommodated my need for a wheelchair to get to x-ray! Danielle, NP, thorough, patient with my questions, friendly, did not treat me like a number! Although I had to wait to be seen, the entire staff made me feel welcome and cared for!" - Sharon

July 2018

"Not sure the doctor's name but he was kind, helped me tremendously! Really a good man."

June 2018

"The staff is always wonderful all of the times I've come. They really listen when I tell them what's wrong and do their best to make it easier and find a treatment plan. I appreciate everything the doctors and staff have done for me over the years!"

"Your staff was efficient, informative, and kind during my visit...Many thanks!" - Rachel

April 2018

"Friendly, attentive and helpful staff, from the check-in point right through the whole examination and getting the prescription sorted out."

March 2018

"My husband was greeted very warmly by the receptionist when he checked in! Stephanie took vitals and preliminary information and was very thorough and most personable which garnered more information from my husband, the patient. Dr. Karra was also very personable and thorough, taking several minutes to explain my husband's pneumonia, included him in the plan for treatment, and was so very kind and gentle. She answered all of our questions and we left knowing that we had received the best of treatment. We highly recommend Dr. Karra! She would make the ideal family physician!! Six stars are in order!!" - Agnes

"Very friendly environment"

January 2017

"Great care rendered in a timely and courteous manner."

November 2017

"I visited the Westar Urgent Care location after contacting my primary care doctor's office and their same day care office. I was unable to get in either my primary care doc office or the same day center. It was approximately around 5:00 or 6:00 pm. I was taken back almost immediately to have a small knife cut treated. All of the staff I spoke with was pleasant and professional. My cut was treated quickly and easily. The staff was sure to answer my questions right then and made sure I left with aftercare instructions and a phone number to call if I had any further questions."

September 2017

"Appreciate the caring staff and speed of service."

"The nurse practitioner Debra was so helpful and kind and really made me feel like she cared, the nurses Julie and Lisa were also so kind it really made me feel good. I love this place, all and all best place I have ever been." - Rebecca

August 2017

"Staff is professional and polite. I received very good care."

"From the moment I walked through the doors of the Urgent Care at Westar until I left, I felt that I was a priority. In the few minutes it took for me to be seen I witnessed the same care given to the other patients. The physician shared a story related to why I was being seen (which was emotional for me) and his kindness was such an integral part of what sets this Urgent Care apart from others, and certainly from an ER where they are overwhelmed. I was confident in the medical care I received as well as comforted by their caring and compassionate manner."

"The Staff there were very nice and friendly and thank goodness I can hear again!.....Great job."

June 2017

"I give them a 5 star rating . They were awesome and took very good care of me!" - Christine

"The staff was very kind and helpful, and the PA, Stephanie, seem truly concerned about getting me feeling better and making an accurate diagnosis as soon as possible. She even gave me a referral to a primary care doctor, since I do not currently have one. Overall, I really appreciated the care I received." - Laura

April 2017

"Everyone was friendly and helpful and took their time with me, yet everything went quickly without much wait time for me. I had a somewhat embarrassing and painful issue but they kept me at ease as much as possible. Even though I couldn't be fully treated here and had to go to the ER, I was very happy with my experience and will return when I need an urgent care in the future. Thank you!”

"Always quick and efficient at this location. Everyone is always very friendly and caring.”

"Fast service! I was in and out within 35 minutes with much needed prescriptions! Thank you!!” -Chelsea

March 2017

"We arrived at around 9:30am on a Sunday and there was only 1 person ahead of us. My 4-year-old son and I both needed to be seen. Check-in was easy and from the time we gave our paperwork back and were seen by the doctor was a max of 5-10 minutes. All the nurses and doctor were very friendly and especially kind to my son. They checked us out thoroughly and gave us the necessary prescription and we were on our way. Total time was about 30 minutes and we were very pleased." - Emily

"Friendly staff, nurses and doctor. They got me in right before close and were able to help me out. I'm feeling better already. So glad I went." - Jeff

"I had an accident, my hand was hurting, bleeding and I needed stiches. I went straight to my DR. and told them about my accident and told them I would see anyone there. They told me they couldn't see me until 2 hours! So I took my bleeding hand and said "thanks ------------for nothing!" I then went to Newark Valley Urgent Care where I got immediate and great service! P.S. I got 6 stiches in my hand. All 3 women that helped me that day were awesome!” -Thomas

"The receptionist was super friendly and sympathetic, while at the same was very expedient to get us seen as quickly as possible.”

February 2017

"This is the best urgent care I have been to. Everyone was friendly and efficient. I was at the office for about 1.5 hours, but only in the waiting room for about 15 minutes including my new patient paperwork (I did go exactly when then opened at 9AM). In that time I did a breathing treatment, x-ray, and spoke with the doc several times. Would recommend!" - Christopher

"The process from registration to being seen initially to getting x-rays to talking with the doctor was very smooth and easy. Everyone I encountered made me feel comfortable and they were all extremely professional." - Pat

"In and out quickly with the correct diagnosis. Hubby is on the road to health again. Thank you!" - Laura

January 2017

"Wonderful experience!!! My daughter (5yrs old) had an ear infection and was scared to death about going to a new doctor. We got back in the room and the Doctor came in, he was so VERY nice and comforted her. He was so sweet and made her feel totally at ease and she even gave him a thumbs up when he was walking out the door. We were eating dinner that evening and she said ‘I was really brave at the ear hospital and the Doctor was very nice!'" - Josh

"This is the ONLY Urgent care I go to. They are very good with my insurance. Never have to wait very long. Usually in and out with the best care I can get. Way better than Licking Memorial Hospital!" - April

"Sunbury Urgent care is one of the best urgent cares I have been to. The staff is caring and compassionate. My husband was there a couple of days ago and they sent us to the emergency room for more tests. It made us feel good when they called us late that day to find out if we are doing ok. What great care and customer service." - Kathy

"Dr. Joseph was phenomenal!! He was precise and gave really good orders to get my daughter feeling better. I would recommend Dr. Joseph to anyone. Way to go Westar!!!" - Angela

December 2016

"They were very quick and efficient. All of the staff from the time I walked in to when I left were all very nice, light hearted, and caring. I will definitely be going back with any of my urgent care needs." - Grace

"My toddler needed stitches in her forehead, we were in and out with stitches in place in less than 40 minutes, the day after Thanksgiving. Both doctor and nurse were great!" - Karise

"I was totally pleased and satisfied with my recent visit to Wedgewood Urgent Care. I’d hesitated and felt guilty about seeking help for what may have been no more than a REALLY BAD cold, but at a good friend’s urging when the chest wheezing & head whistling got to be too troubling, I finally forced myself to go in for an exam. The very professional but personable Superman Dr. Scalise treated me immediately (no appt, no waiting!), got me a chest x-ray, prescribed 3 meds and two full days of rest, and basically rescued me from what could’ve easily evolved into pneumonia right before Christmas. I feel like I owe him and his staff my happy holidays! Both my daughter and grandson have experienced this facility before and had also highly recommended it. Wedgewood Urgent Care gets all 5 stars from me and then some!" - Barbara

"I had amazing care here. They were fast, caring and clean. Thank you so much!" - Cassi

November 2016

"Impressed with the knowledge and professionalism of the staff. Highly recommended!" - Benjamin

"This urgent care is always quick to get you in and out, friendly, and helpful if you have follow up questions!! Highly recommend them!!" - Kimberly

"After receiving no help for severe back pain with my PCP, I went to Westar U.C. The care and concern was exceptional. The physician was concerned and considerate to the pain I was in. She discovered I had two issues and treated me for both with advice and meds. Information was discussed and printed for me to have on hand. Three days later she called to give me results of my labs, and how I was doing. Never have I been so impressed." - Sheila

"Everyone was terrific. Fast, courteous, professional. I will come back for sure." - Don